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a service to create public transport and driving heatmaps / travel time maps for data visualisation.

Public Transport Heatmap


Hexos has developed a service that can create heatmaps / travel time maps to visualise public transport and driving commute times travelling towards or from a central point within a given radius. Heatmaps can be generated for any time of day, any day of the week and any location in the United Kingdom.


We use current timetabled public transport data from around the UK at the time you request a heatmap to create the most accurate and reliable set of data we can.

Cutting Edge

Our service is built using modern serverless architectures provided by Amazon Web Services to provide an efficient and easy process for you!


You can create a heatmap for any location in the UK, with a choice of 4 radiuses. We also provide you with the raw data so you can be even more creative!

What makes us different?

Other services tend to use averaged data throughout the day or only give you the 'moving travel time' and ignore transfer times or actual timetables. We also know that sometimes, due to how public transport timetables can fall, people have to arrive in places hours before they should otherwise they'd be late if they got a different bus/train etc. Or perhaps they have to wait over an hour for the next bus/train just because of when they get let out of work. By looking at actual timetables and considering all factors - we create heatmaps based off arrival and departure giving you the most realistic set of data we can. For example your bus journey might take 15 minutes, but you get to work 45 minutes early so your total travel time is actually an hour!

As well as this, our outbound driving heatmaps also use predictive data about traffic to give you travel times that take traffic into account. We're all about realistic journey times!

Here's something we made earlier!

View a full breakdown of what you receive when you order a heatmap.


Driving heatmaps look pretty much identical to these, expect they represent different transit types! Sheffield Heatmap

The current maximum travel time is: 120 mins. Update the maximum travel time by placing the new value in the box and pressing update. The new value must be a whole number of minutes and be less than 360 minutes (6 hours) and greater than 5 minutes.

Top tip: click anywhere on the map to see more detailed information about that specific area!

These images and datasets are purely for demonstration purposes and are not to be distributed/shared any further than on this site.

How much do our heatmaps cost?

Our payment model is very flexible and we are open to negotiation, however as a guide please consult our pricing information below:

Get Started

To get started using this service you must first get in touch and express your interest in the heatmaps you require. We will talk through the specifics of the product you require as well as generate a competitive quote.

Once you are happy with the proposed heatmaps we will be begin processing them and they will be returned as soon as possible via email.


How do I request a heatmap?

Please follow the guidance given above in our get started section.

What sizes of heatmap do you offer?

We offer 4 sizes of heatmaps: Local (10km radius), City (25km radius), County (50km radius) and Regional (75km radius). You can read more about how much these sizes cost in the pricing section.

What products will I receive / gain access to once the heatmap has been generated?

Once your heatmap has been generated you will be emailed a zip folder that will contain high definition images and the full raw data for your heatmap represented as GeoJSON. There are multiple high definition images with max travel times ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours (and their corresponding map legends). Heatmap images are square and come in the following sizes: (512px, 1024px, 2048px, 3072px). Check out our Service Overview for a quick tour of what you receive when you use our service. Your GeoJSON can be used in our interactive heatmap viewer, see below.

Are the images and the raw data subject to any license?

The images and the raw data (GeoJSON) are protected by the Creative Commons 4.0 License.

How long do heatmaps take to generate?

We will always strive to generate the heatmaps as quickly as possible, however as you can imagine there is a lot of data to process! We aim to return heatmaps within 1-5 working days however this is only an estimate.

What am I able to do with the raw data?

The raw data is represented as GeoJSON. GeoJSON is a standard for representing simple geographical features, this means it is supported by most online mapping systems. The raw data can be very useful as it will allow you put interactive heatmaps on your own websites, change the colouring of the heatmaps, change the underlying map styles and much more. You can also get a full breakdown of all the variables we save in the GeoJSON in the GeoJSON section of The Heatmap Handbook.

You can also upload your GeoJSON to our new interactive heatmap viewer to see an interactive version of your maps - just like the interactive version in the example section!